Ronaldinho reunites with old friends, spends day cheering on Lionel Messi & Co.

Ronaldinho reunited with Roberto Carlos at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, including Cafu, Ronaldo and Dida all cheered on Lionel Messi and Argentina in their semi-final win over Croatia on Monday.

The Brazilian football legend won the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan with the above retired stars.

Ronaldinho shared the moment on his personal Twitter account, writing, "World Cup with family reunion."

Messi and his co-stars advanced to the final with a 3–0 victory, earning praise from many, but especially from R10.

And Argentina's second goal, assisted by Messi after "Maradonian" entered the penalty area, was enough for Ronaldinho to applaud and raise his feet.

While some Brazilian fans may be excited to see Ronaldinho applauded for Argentina's goal, it is important to understand that his friendship with Messi transcends the rivalry between the two countries.

Ronaldinho, 42, and Messi, 35, were visible as they parted ways in FC Barcelona.

Like Ronaldinho, many fans around the world have had to put aside their dislike for the Argentine for Messi, who deserves to win the World Cup.

Messi needed one more win - against the winner in France vs Morocco. Morocco - to cement their legacy as the greatest of all time, a journey that might as well begin and end with Ronaldinho.

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